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Vlong Factory

Equipment ---Vlong Lighting is a professional factory who focus on the Landscape Lighting systems. Our main product lines are Brass and Aluminum Lighting fixture. There are 4 die-casting machine, 6 polishing machine, 4 color fuser and  a lot of other small machine to support the different request from the customer.
Team --- All the staff in the factory has a extremely abundant experience in this field. Both our engineer Mr. Ding , General manager Mr. Chen and Factory Operation Manager Mr. Ding had more than 30 years experience in Stated-owned Enterprise. They take the good experience and plan with our industrious and hard-working staff to do high-quality product for you in time.
Service ---Vlong Lighting will solve all the problem feedback from the customer and improve the quality of the product. Vlong factory was grow up from a very small part. We do not look forward to get a lot of order in a short time with a very low price. As we know what price, what goods. So Vlong will support you and start with you from a small part and grow up with you step by step.
Core Value --- To be a vendor recognized and accepted by customers 




The advantages of our company:

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