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Vacuum homogeneous emulsion technology continues to improve towards maturity

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After the founding of New China, China’s industrial vacuum homogeneous emulsion was started, after half a century of development, and the international advanced level there is still not a small gap. Among them, some small vacuum emulsification machine in China occupies a Big scale market and have some advantages, in addition, a number of high-tech vacuum emulsification equipment still need to rely imports.

Vacuum emulsification machine for pressure, vacuum and positive working conditions. Vacuum emulsification machine rotor and stator with precision, working head claw-type structure, two-way suction, high shear efficiency. Cut a head, consisting of rotor and stator, wherin the rotor with its high line speed and high-frequency mechanical effect of the strong momentum to make the material is subjected to shear in turn, the stator gap precision, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, the combined effect of impact and tear turbulence, so as to achieve dispersion, grinding, emulsifying effect.

In recent years, along with the rapid development of commodity economy, vacuum emulsification emulsification machine industry has been more widespread use, not only for enterprises to create more economic benefits, led to the rapid development of enterprises, and so many companies truly automated production, emulsified really into the automation era.

Specialized mechanical advantage in the competition, there is no technology is not very realistic. Vacuum homogeneous emulsion in the development of not only the pace of development, but also in the introduction of new technologies, based on integration, to achieve intelligent, making vacuum emulsification machine more perfect, more powerful.

Vacuum emulsification machine has a huge potential market, its high efficiency, high degree of modernization, functional and very powerful, with constantly improving technology, will continue to mature. Vacuum emulsification machine will continue to move forward in the development, constantly accelerate the pace to achieve greater results.

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