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Designing a Garden Lighting Plan

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When you install led flood lights around your home, not only will itmake the landscape more beautiful, it will also make you safer and more secure. And...

When you install ledflood lights around your home,not only will it make the landscape more beautiful, it will also make you saferand more secure. Don't just install these lights haphazardly though. Before youstart, you need to create a welldesigned lighting plan. By doing so, you can ensure that your home is seen atits best and that your lights are offering the proper illumination for safetyand security. If you find you cannot create this plan without assistance, ahome and garden store may offer these services for free.

Start by choosingthe right outdoor lights you would like in your yard. Determine if you want anyadditional options such as automatic timers or indoor light switches. Once youknow what you will be using and what you need, you can begin to create a plan.Don't do this before you have chosen the basic fixtures though. You need tohave an idea of what you intent to use so you can incorporate them into yourplan.

Walk around youryard and see where the natural light creates shadows and highlights. Considertextures that are naturally found in the landscape as well as those which youhave brought in. Pay attention to any areas that may be unsafe so you can planaccordingly. While taking this walk, see if there is one main element or focalpoint that you wish to build your plan around. Now you have a better idea ofwhat lights you need to place where and what areas will best make use of yourled flood lights. You may also wish to combine lighting techniques to increasethe appeal and interest of your yard. Don't forget to add lighting for housenumbers so others can find your home easily.

Now that youhave an idea of what you would like the final design to look like, it is timeto make a rough sketch. Here you will mark locations for led flood lights andsee if any patterns develop. Be sure to look for other accents that you maywish to include in this plan. When adding led flood lights to your yard, you'llfind you want to improve it in other areas also.

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