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Anta Lighting is a Good Home Decor

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Lightingup your home comes in automatically when you are thinking of homedécor ideas. Once you have purchased the other necessary décor suchas furniture, wall art, carpets, tapestry and others you canconcentrate on buying the necessary lighting and accessories for yourhome. Contemporary lighting solutions are expansive and containthings like LED lights, OLED lights, sconces, table lamps,chandeliers, ceiling lights and ornamental lights. There are a fewprominent and popular brands who sell designer lights which are alsoaesthetically pleasing and act as wall décor. One of these brands isAnta lighting.

Antalightingis a German company headed by Gertrud Kracht which has established aname for itself in the last 25 years. This brand creates lightfixtures and decorative lights in association with young designersthat make your home look impressive. Their collection includes floorlamps, wall lamps, table lamps, and ceiling fixtures. This brand is aforerunner in the group of modern European design lighting. Thematerials primarily used for Anta lighting include aluminum, nickel,and matte chrome in a combination of opaque acrylic. These lamps aredesigned in such a manner that they not only illuminate a room butalso help in setting the perfect mood, be it for a party or a lazyevening at home. It creates an aura that brightens up the dull greyworld around and makes you feel happy and relaxed.

Aboutthe designs

Oneof the popular designs of Anta lighting is the Calmetta Pendant Lamp.This lamp shade is a combination of aluminum colored metal and whitetranslucent acrylic. It is available with an extra weight foradjusting the height if required and has been designed by Rolf Heide.Another prominent design is the Sino Ceiling Lamp which is made fromsatin chrome matte metal and acrylic panels. Designed by Jurg Fontanathis lamp uses the acrylic panels for both direct and indirectlighting. The ZAC Swing Arm Wall Lamp is another innovative lampdesigned by Frank Oehring. It has a satin chrome finish frame whichhas sections designed to provide light in a variety of directions.The other prominent lamps include the Anta Spoon light, Anta Nolalight, Da Yan lamp, and the Juni Halogen Suspension light.

Antalighting manufacturers maintain high quality standards and createlights with precision and care. These lights look beautiful even whenused during the day, simply as an ornament to the wall.If you havepurchased Anta lighting for your home, you can be assured that youhave a quality product in your possession right now.

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