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2015 VLong Outdoor low voltage lights recommendation!

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VLong lighting industries company has the widest selection of outdoor low voltage lights at the most competitive prices. From landscape to underwater lights with low voltage to keep safe, we carry the highest quality light fixtures in LED, halogen, incandescent and fluorescent as well as the accessories to keep them running perfectly for years. We carry material from heavy duty solid cast brass lights to lightweight composite fixtures to meet your specific lighting requirements. Find your outdoor lighting solutions today.

(1) VLong outdoor low voltage lightis-Brass Well Lights WLB02

Brass Well Lights WLB02 has a Solid Brass face plate, it will protect it’s inner well. This well light is water-proof, as the Glass lens on the face plate is flush with the top, so water cannot puddle. More important, the thick rubber gasket between face plate and canister of well lights work like a water tight seal. Perfect Stainless Steel Screws and beryllium copper socket design for anticorrosion.Water Tight Wire Connector underside with the round lead wire to insure water cannot enter from the bottom of the well light fixture. Low Voltage 12V or 24V Transformer is required too.


outdoor low voltage lightis WLB02

(2) Outdoor low voltage lights –Brass Path Lights PLB03

Let VLong brass path lights PLB03 illumination your way home! It has solid brass construction, frosted lens reduces glare and gives softer illumination,three “O” Ring rubber seal on post for moisture protection. Rubber bug plug in lead wires exit stem to protect moisture and insects entering the fixture.Ceramic white paint under shade for maximum photometrice.Low Voltage 12V or 24V Transformer are available!


Outdoor low voltage lights PLB03

(3) Outdoor low voltage lighting–Brass Underwater Lights ULB01

Same with our other out door low voltage lights, this underwater lights has solid Brass construction too, shock resistant glass Lens is fully sealed with silicon “O” ring reduces water enter. Die-casting brass Knuckle with adjustable screw, easy adjustable for angle, double Silicone “O”ring seal under the screw and wire exit for water protection, Water-proof silicon plug and silicon gasket in lead wire are exits fixture underside, encapsulated with silicone for the wire input port reinforcing waterproof layer, Low Voltage 12V or 24V Transformer are available!


Outdoor low voltage lights ULB01

You may find that all most all of their out door low voltage lights are made of solid brass construction, water-proofing glass lens keep them running for many year, more important, their low voltage make surrounding environment very safe. In fact VLong lighting industries company manufactures many other kinds of outdoor low voltage lighting, including spot light, flood lights, step lights, wall lights, landscape lights etc,. For more information, please kindly refer to VLong company’s website, you will have more professional choice waiting for you!

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