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VLong outdoor lighting fixtures manufacturer and their advantages introduction

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VLong lighting industries company is professional in providing a high quality product at reasonable prices that fit the tough standards of architectural grade out door lighting fixtures to meet the economy requirements of today’s market. Our main product lines including Brass and Aluminum outdoor Lighting fixture. Our factory own 4 die-casting machine, 6 polishing machines, 4 color fuser and a lot of other small machine to support the different request from the customers!

(1) Advantage of VLong outdoor lighting fixtures — easy install

We have carefully developed an approach to product development that takes practical concepts in low voltage outdoor lighting and creates an easy-to-specify and easy-to-install method for our out door lighting fixtures.


outdoor lighting fixtures

(2) Advantage of VLong outdoor lighting fixtures — Good quality material

All of our fixtures are manufactured using either heavy cast brass or spun brass, we could yield a corrosive-free finish and support lifetime warranty time. Each out door fixture includes a 25-foot wire lead, a long lasting high quality lamp and the mounting device (stake or mounting bracket). More important,each of our standard fixture comes in Aged Brass, which is chemically applied, acid finished that will age appropriately for the occupied environment. 


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(3) Advantage of VLong outdoor lighting fixtures — Special transformers

The transformers we developed to control multiple voltage taps that allow the specifier and the installer to account for the voltage drop that is prevalent in low voltage lighting systems.   Each transformer is manufactured in a stainless steel enclosure and includes a lifetime warranty


outdoor lighting fixtures manufacturer-VLong lighting

(4) Advantage of VLong outdoor lighting fixtures — Best service and good feedback

Vlong Lighting will solve all the problem feedback from the customer and improve the quality of the product. Vlong factory was grow up from a very small part. We do not look forward to get a lot of order in a short time with a very low price. As we know what price, what goods. So Vlong will support you and start with you from a small part and grow up with you step by step.

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