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Low voltage lighting&transformer introduction from VLong lighting

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Increased and safety lighting system options have made low voltage lighting systems increasingly popular these years. Originally outdoor lighting only be developed for outdoor landscape lighting, but now it’s common to see low voltage fixtures in bathrooms, kitchens, and family rooms. However, how much you know about “low voltage lighting” or “How to wire low voltage lighting?” VLong lighting is so pleasure to answer these two question, let you know more about low voltage lighting,along with a few you may not have even thought of! In fact, we came up with 15 helpful things you should know about low voltage lighting.

1. VLong Low Voltage lighting range introduction

VLong Low Voltage Light Strip A low voltage lighting system usually operates on 12 or 24 volts whereas a line voltage system usually operates on 120 or 277 volts. VLong low voltage lighting fixtures have gained a lot good feedback from customers, they are with Solid Brass construction, heat resistant glass lens is fully sealed with silicon sealant reduces water build-up and puddle on the lens. Rubber bug plug in lead wires exit stem to protect moisture and insects entering the fixture. Good water-proof ability is very important for low voltage lighting, this will make sure the light will live for a long life.


Low voltage lighting FLB03Brass Flood Lights

2. VLong transformer for low voltage lighting introduction

Transformer is very important for low voltage lighting, them what is transformer? Without a transformer the light bulbs in the circuit would be subjected to 120V or 277V and would burn out immediately. So a transformer is generally used with low voltage lighting systems to “transform” the higher standard line voltage to either 12 or 24 volts. The transformer may be part of the fixture (integral to the fixture) or it may be located outside the fixture (an external transformer),The transformer used in a low voltage lighting system may be either electronic or magnetic.


Low voltage lighting Transformer – TR50W

3.How to wire low voltage lighting system

Remember that the power should always be turned off before making any electrical connections. A low voltage transformer usually has 4 connections or 4 wires attached to it. Occasionally, the green wire that should be attached to “ground”. The primary side of a transformer is often labeled “Input” and is made up of one black wire and one white wire for the incoming line voltage. Always connect the white wire of the transformer to the white wire (neutral wire) of the incoming line voltage and the black wire of the transformer to the black wire (hot wire) of the incoming line voltage. The secondary side of a transformer is often labeled “Output” and is made up of two similarly colored wires (often two red or two blue wires) and they will supply power to the low voltage circuit. The polarity of these wires is not important; that is, either wire of the secondary side of the transformer may be connected to either wire of the low voltage circuit.


Aluminum Step Lights – STA02

Low voltage lighting system are widely used in recessed lights (cans), track lights, deck lighting,bendable rail lighting system,suspended cable lighting,landscape lighting, pendant lights, and display lights to name several. Vlong Lighting is a professional factory who focus on the outdoor low voltage lighting systems, our main product lines are Brass and Aluminum Lighting fixtures, more information please kindly refer to our website: , welcome to send your any question or inquiry to us!

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