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How many kinds of landscape lighting you know?

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landscape lighting is a general concept, in fact, if we made a segmentation of landscape lights in detail, they could be be divided into the following 12 kinds, each of their function, usable range and applicable conditions are different! So friends need to buy landscape light should look for the right choice! Vlong Lighting as a professional LED landscape lighting manufacturer can offer you a variety of choices, perfect OEM customized OEM service, We are sure to make you have a nice product service experience.

landscaping lights has a high ornamental by themselves, artistic lamps also should harmonious to scenic area’s historical culture and surrounding environment, please allow us to introduce the following varieties of landscape lights:

1.Large Landscape Lighting : height 4.8 m, it is a beautiful scenery during the daytime. night scene lighting and lighting of two effects from rising, some one color: the atmosphere, serious.


VLong Landscape lighting fixtures

2.Path light: Usually height: 6-12 m height, standard height of the path light needs to decided by the desired lane of the street and should in harmony with surrounding environment, searching showed that it is not beautiful if path light is not high enough for the tortuous pat.

3.Garden Lights: Height 2.5-4 meters, style is very generous, themselves should be the center of the Illuminated Area,they are with very wide range of application, mainly used for community and some of natural scenic spot.

4.Lawn lamp: height: 0.5-0.8 meters with rich styles, attributed to decorative lamp lighting, ate the lamp, can be used as an auxiliary lights, lawn lamp lights are usually used in turfed area for assistant lighting.

5.buried lights: the illumination of Buried lights is upward, after the front cover is not the same, the direction of the conditioning of light, for example according to the pillars, trees light up. Irradiation and faces grass or specific plane direction to the vicinity of the light cover.

6.Tree lights:installed around the trees, there is little special lights used for this application, step lights and spot lights can achieve this effect too.


VLong Tree lighting

7.Underwater lights:installed into the pool, there will create many colorful light source if use LED underwater light. Waterproof grade of them are different according to the depth of water, and make sure to use extra low voltage lights to ensure safety.

8.Step lights (side wall lamp): mainly used for stair steps, small style and used for partial illumination, make people saw the stairs, roads, they have been beautiful decorate of the stair steps.

9.Wall light: mounted on pillars, doors, central of walls, etc. They are good scene during daytime, and good lighting helper in night.


VLong Wall lighting

10.Spot lights: As the name meaning, the light projected onto a specific site, focused lighting.

11.Flood lights: more scattered light, attributed to a surface light source.

12.Linear light: light source power is not strong, often grouped use, outlines the performance of large-scale strip light.

Hope our introduction will let you know more about landscape lighting now, more information or samples please kindly refer toVlong Lighting company( ), we are sure to provide our best quotation and service to you!

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