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Vlong aluminum&brass deck lights fixtures introduction!

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Vlong aluminum&brass deck lights fixtures introduction!

Give your steps and patio deck a new glow with VLong beautiful deck lights. As a professional landscaping lighting factory, Vlong focus on producing and developing deck lights, spot lights, path lights, underwater lights etc,. Our main lighting fixtures are made of Brass and Aluminum with high grade finishing treatment. Welcome to visit VLong lighitng factory, add beauty and function to your steps & decks with our beautiful lights!

(1) Vlong deck lights — Aluminum Deck Lights DLA01

VLong deck lights DLA01 is Die casting design with solid Aluminum construction, it’s lens is Frosted to reduce glare and gives softer illumination to the around deck. You don’t need to worry about it’s waterproof ability, as the frosted lens is fully sealed with silicon sealant, which can reduce water enter in.


VLong Aluminum Deck Lights DLA01


You will know more details about it through following technical data:

a.Wiring – 3’ #18/2 Direct bury landscape lighting wire with UL listed.

b.Pre-stripped hub-ready leads for quick installation

c.High temperature ceramic socket with nickel contacts, Stainless steel spring.

d.G-4 Lamp type, Max wattage 20W.

e.Low Voltage 12V or 24V Transformer required,

f.Wire Connectors required

You will see this deck lights DLA01 is low voltage, Designed to add safety and style to your deck day or night!


Details of VLong deck lights DLA01

(2) Vlong deck lights — Brass Deck Lights DLB01

Different from with DLA01, brass deck lights fixture DLB01 is made of brass with high quality brass. DLB01 deck lights are available with LED or Halogen G4, Perfect for lighting on decks, patios, docks, garden etc. And with the increasing demands of safety lighting, DLA01 is sure to meet with low voltage Landscape Deck Lighting requirements! It’s frosted lens reduces glare and gives softer illumination to the deck. Because the frosted lens is fully sealed with silicon sealant reduce water enter, it’s waterproof ability is very good! Any different with DLA01? You will see from following picture!


VLong Brass Deck Lights DLB01

Our VLong decking lights are designed like half of the ball with solid brass&aluminum construction, can resist in wet rain and hot sun, good waterproof ability will keep them running for many years! Do you like our above deck lights? We also developed many other kinds of landscaping lighting fixtures, please kindly refer to our website: or visit our factory directly! Welcome to send your any question or inquiry to us!

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