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Brass underwater pond lights features, safety maters introduction from Vlong lighting

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As we know, underwater lights are often installed in a pond to illuminate the pond during the daylight hours. Pond lights are certainly beautiful at night and it will keep everyone’s safety by helping to show off the pond at parties and other after-hours gatherings. However, there are some very important considerations we must take into account when choosing&installing pond lights, such as their safety concerns when running underwater, materials, voltage etc.As a professional underwater lights manufacturer, VLong lighting is so confident to recommend our best popular pond lights ULB01 for you refer.

(1) The material introduction of Vlong underwater pond lights ULB01

The material of the lighting fixtures are very important, Vlong lighting always choose high quality brass or aluminum as material, and all the lighting fixtures are finished with high level Weather Resistant Chemical finishing treatment. Pond lights ULB01 is fully sealed with solid brass and totally waterproof, this is an important reason why they are very safe when running underwater.


Vlong brass underwater pond lights ULB01

(2) The features introduction of Vlong brass underwater pond lights ULB01

Vlong pond lights ULB01 has solid Brass construction, their shock r esistant Glass Lens is fully sealed with silicon “O” ring reduces water enter. It’s die-casting brass Knuckle with adjustable screw, and easy to be adjustable for angle.It’s double Silicone “O”ring seal under the screw and wire exit for water protection.Silicon plug and silicon gasket in lead wire exits fixture underside for waterproof. They are encapsulated with silicone for the wire input port reinforcing waterproof layer. You will see they are very durable, total waterproof ability with high anti-corrosion ability.


Vlong pond lights ULB01

(3) The safety introductions of Vlong brass underwater pond lights ULB01

Why we are so confident for the safety of Vlong pond lights ULB01? Except it’s excellent waterproof and high anti-corrosion ability, another important reason is ULB01 is kind of low voltage, as low voltage only 12V or 24V transformer is required by ULB01. And it’s pre-stripped hub-ready leads for quick installation.


Vlong pond lights ULB01 introduction

Whether you have a full-scale understands about Vlong underwater pond lights ULB01? As we introduced above, ULB01 is made with high quality material and with high waterproof&anti-corrosion ability, more important, it is low voltage very safe when running underwater. Please kindly note that we also produce other popular outdoor landscaping lighting fixtures, such as spot lights,path lights, deck lights, flood lights etc,.More information about Vlong underwater pond lights, please kindly refer to our website: or come to visit our factory in Anhi,China directly! Welcome to send your any inquiry or share your any pond lights ideas with us!

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