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LED deck light,step light&flood light from Vlong outdoor lamp factory

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Are you looking for outdoor lamp company for purchasing outdoor lamps? Vlong lighting factory have been manufacturing outdoor landscape lighting, pool, path,deck, underwater lights and accessories since 2010 years. Vlong Lighting is a professional factory who focus on the outdoor Landscape Lighting systems.We mainly own 4 product lines for producing Brass and Aluminum Lighting fixtures. Vlong lighting warmly welcome friends all over the world to work with us for any outdoor lamp.

(1) Vlong lighting outdoor lamp–Aluminum Deck Lights DLA01

This outdoor lamp DLA01 is come from Vlong lighting manufacture, and professional used for deck illumination. DLA01 is made of die-casting Aluminum with strong construction. It’s frosted glass is suitable with LED G4 and offer a best illumination quality for decks Landscape Lighting system. The frosted lens of Vlong outdoor lamp DLA01 is fully sealed with silicon sealant to reduce water enter, and pre-stripped hub-ready leads for quick installation.


Vlong Aluminum outdoor lamp DLA01

(2) Vlong lighting LED outdoor lamp–Brass Step Lights STB02

Step lights are more and more popular used in outdoor lamp lighting system. Vlong brass step lights STB02 is made of solid brass, support LED and Halogen G4 for general area illumination out of a recessed wall fixture.STB02’s lens flush with the fixture so water cannot puddle, and it’s frosted lens reduces glare and gives softer illumination.A thick rubber gasket between cover and poly box for a water tight seal. Low Voltage 12V or 24V Transformer is required by outdoor lamp STB02, it is kind of low voltage light, very safe when working in very bad weather.


Vlong brass step LED outdoor lamp light STB02

(3) Vlong lighting LED outdoor lamp–Brass Flood Lights FLB03

Brass flood lights FLB01 is kind of big size outdoor lamp, very excellent for illuminating larger area applications.This outdoor lamp FLB01 is available with LED G4 and MR16, can meet with different applications. It’s frosted lens reduces glare and gives softer illumination, it’s die-casting brass Knuckle with adjustable thumb screw., and is easy adjustable for vertical tilt and horizontal rotation.Same as the above outdoor lamp DLA01&STB02, FLB03 is low voltage too, very safe when running in bad weather.


Vlong brass flood LED outdoor lamp light FLB03

Except the above deck lights, step lights and flood lights, Vlong lighting company also provided a wide variety of other outdoor lamp lights, such as spot lights, underwater lights,well lights, path lights etc.And please kindly note that Vlong promise that any outdoor lamp fixtures from Vlong will enjoy a long lifetime warranty.More information about Vlong outdoor lamp, please kindly refer to our website:, or visit our factory directly for more discussion! Welcome to contact us anytime for additional information or your any question.

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