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Vlong brass aluminum modern outdoor lighting introduction with modern design

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Are you looking for modern outdoor lighting? As a professional outdoor landscape lighting fixtures manufacturer, a wide of variety of lighting fixtures and lighting designs are available in Vlong lighting. Here you will find different styles of modern outdoor lighting to light up and decorate your outdoor scenery, such as brass aluminum spot lights, deck lights, underwater lights, path lights, flood water lights etc,. However, it’s the big pleasure for Vlong lighting to provide rich selections covering your outdoor lighting for your garden, path, trees, pond, walls etc.

(1) Vlong modern outdoor lighting introduction–Brass Spot Lights SPB01

LED modern outdoor lighting is very popular in market, Vlong spot lights SPB01 is made of solid brass available with LED bulbs, your great choice for lighting up on trees, buildings, lighting down on grass lawn. It’s heat resistant convex glass lens is fully sealed with silicon sealant reduces water build-up and puddle on the lens. This modern outdoor lighting SPB01 require low voltage 12V or 24V Transformer, a kind of low voltage lighting and safe when running in bad weather. It’s design is showed as follow picture, how do you think about it?


Vlong modern outdoor lighting SPB01

(2) Vlong modern outdoor lighting introduction–Aluminum Well Lights WLA04

Vlong well lights WLA04A is durable and strong with in-ground design, a very popular modern outdoor lighting in market. Water Tight Wire Connector of WLA04 is underside with the round lead wire to insure water cannot enter from the bottom of the well light fixture.It’s socket is mounted on an adjustable gimbal so the lamp angle can be adjusted. The Glass lens on the faceplate is flush with the top, so water cannot puddle.Do you like the design of this modern outdoor well lighting WLA04?


Vlong modern outdoor lighting WLA04

(3) Vlong modern outdoor lighting introduction–Brass Path Lights PLB03

Path lights are very necessary for your outdoor path area. If you like modern styles, then our modern outdoor lighting PLB03 is very suitable. It’s available with LED or Halogen G4, and will offer best illumination quality for your garden lighting system. It’s frosted lens reduces glare and gives softer illumination, three “O” Ring rubber seal on post for moisture protection. Rubber bug plug in lead wires exit stem to protect moisture and insects entering the fixture. This lovely mushroom path lights with three different size and height, you can choose them according to your taste.


Vlong modern outdoor lighting PLB03

We just briefly introduced three different styles of modern outdoor lighting from Vlong lighting manufacturer, do you like them? As we said there are many other hot modern outdoor lighting are provided for you choosing, more important, any product from Vlong lighting will enjoy in a long lifetime warranty.If the three above lighting fixtures can’t meet your requirements, you also can visit our website: for more products, or visit our factory directly. Welcome to send your any inquiry or share your any idea with us!

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