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China Vlong lighting manufacturers brass aluminum lighting fixtures introduction!

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Vlong lighting is one of the most progressive leading outdoor landscape lighting manufacturers in China.Since many years ago, our goal is to provide good quality lighting fixtures to our customers and value added services to exceed their expectations.Vlong Lighting is a professional factory founded in Anhui province,China. Our main product lines are Brass Aluminum Lighting fixture, and focus on the construction of outdoor landscape Lighting systems. As a professional lighting manufacturers, Vlong own 6 polishing machine,4 die-casting machine,4 color fuser and a lot of other small machine to support the different request from the customer. If you are looking for outdoor lighting manufactures, it’s the pleasure of Vlong factory to provide different solutions for your perfect outdoor lighting system.

(1) Vlong lighting manufacturers introduction–Brass Spot Lights SPB02

SPB02 is one of the hot selling brass spot lights from Vlong lighting manufacturer, it is made of solid brass with high level Weather Resistant Chemical Finishing treatment. This kind of solid brass bullet light is available with LED bulb and it’s adjustable glare guard is a good choice for different outdoor Landscape Lighting applications.More important,IT’s heat resistant Glass Lens is fully sealed with silicon sealant , which kindly reduces water build-up and puddle on the lens.


Brass Spot Lights SPB02 from Vlong lighting manufacturers

(2) Vlong lighting manufacturers introduction–Aluminum Well Lights WLA05

This aluminum well lights WLA05 is come from Vlong lighting manufacturer, it is made of die-Casting Aluminum, a very popular in ground Well Lighting fixture. It’s flexible installation method is great for up lighting large trees too. The solid Brass faceplate with frosted glass offer a soft illumination.Low Voltage 12V or 24V Transformer is required by WLA05, so it is very safe when running in bad weather.


Aluminum Well Lights WLA05 from Vlong lighting manufacturer

(3) Vlong lighting manufacturers introduction–Brass Flood Lights FLB03

Flood lights FLB03 from Vlong lighting manufacturer is kind of big size Solid Brass Flood Lights, excellent for illuminating larger applications, and available with LED G4 and MR16 for different applications.A thick rubber gasket protect the frosted lens and reduce water entering lamp.It’s die-casting brass Knuckle with adjustable thumb screw, very easy to adjust for vertical tilt and horizontal rotation.


Brass Flood Lights FLB03 from Vlong lighting manufacturers

More important, Vlong Lighting manufacture have the professional knowledge will help you to solve the problems when you meet in finish your lighting system.And we promise that any products from Vlong lighting manufacturer will enjoy in a long lifetime warranty.More outdoor landscaping lighting fixtures from Vlong lighting manufacturer please kindly refer to our website: , or visit our factory directly for more discussion.Welcome to send your any inquiry or share your any thought with us!

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