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Led Landscape lights

What You Should Know Before You Install LED Landscape Lighting Features

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What You Should Know Before You Install LED Landscape Lighting Features

Install LED Landscape Lighting

The installation of landscape lighting features is not a hard task to achieve. However, you need to understand the purpose of landscape lighting features. When are these lights used? You can use landscape lights when you have to brighten a region located at a certain height. These lights are not used to brighten the floor. An example can be the shrubs and small-sized trees in the garden. This is when you need the lights to be located at a certain height so that the light can reach the desired distance. Hence, the right height is the first thing, which you should look at.


You need to ensure that some kind of protection is there

When it comes to the installation of these features, you need to ensure that some kind of protection is there. For instance, these lights are mainly installed in gardens, yards or near swimming pools. Let us take the example of the garden. During the night hours, a lot of dew is expected to fall. Hence, the light has to be protected in every manner. Usually, landscape lights are covered completely with waterproof and moisture proof plastic. Thus, they are not harmed in any manner. However, if the light is exposed directly to moisture and water, it may not last for long.


What You Should Know

These lights are always installed with a stand. This is a very important aspect of installation and you need to concentrate on the length of the stand. It would depend on the distance until which the light has to be thrown. In other words, you need to decide vertical level for the light. For instance, you want it to go until 4 feet; you need to use a stand appropriately. The weight of the stand also has to be adjusted according to the base of the. For instance, if the landscape lights are installed in the garden on mud, a very heavy weighted stand cannot be used. This is because the balance would be spoilt.

These days, landscape lights are very much in fashion. They are used for both corporate and personal purposes. You will see these lights in both houses and offices. The lights are used with a number of shapes including round, square and rectangular. When you are installing these lights, you need to screw the stand to the floor firmly. In addition to that, you should use screws instead of nails. This would help you in relocating the light when it is required.

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