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Outdoor low voltage lights

Low Voltage Landscape Lights

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Low Voltage Landscape Lights

If you are considering low voltage landscape lights here is information and ideas various choices for this style of outdoor lighting.

Adorning your garden with the aid of Low Voltage Landscape Lights can definitely add on to its beauty.

Well placed landscape lights can also help you to boost up the security of your home specially so, if you happen to inhabit a particularly remote and lonely location.

Decorating your yard with a number of carefully considered low voltage landscape lights can make your exteriors look more attractive, inviting and appealing.

Apart from helping to illuminate the dark nooks and corners of your yard or patio area, the lights can provide you with a perfect setting for hosting a party outdoors.

The crooked path leading up to a green house or a variety of exotic floral shrubs can be highlighted with lights which come in all shapes and sizes. The energy options are varied too and it would be wise to invest in an energy efficient lighting system if you want to show off your garden or patio and save money at the same time.

The advantage of using Low Voltage Landscape Lights is that you get to save quite a bit of energy without compromising on the quality of light.  Most of these lights have a long life and you can certainly add to the appeal of your exteriors by positioning them strategically. Different colors can be used to portray a range of moods and pools, pathways and stairs awash with brightly colored lights help to embellish your garden on festive occasions like Easter and Christmas.

Installing the low voltage landscape lights is easy and almost anyone can do it by going over the simple instructions carefully.

Apart from the concrete and wood structures, tiny energy efficient lights can be placed high up on a tree to bring out the beauty of the lush greenery surrounding your home.

A transformer, low voltage cable and light fixtures are all the equipment that you need for providing the requisite illumination to your landscape.

Plugging the transformer into an outdoor outlet is all that you have to do in order to highlight the beauty of your outdoors.

Low voltage landscape lights also help to enhance the security in and around your home. These low energy lights brighten up the entire area evenly in contrast to the high energy lights which create darker shadows. Although this does not entail a complete crime free atmosphere, it certainly helps in tracking down unwanted nocturnal trespassers. People feel safe and protected by the lights illuminating your property and drivers have an easy time navigating around your house because they are not blinded by the sudden glare of high energy lights.

Apart from providing a relaxing atmosphere your lighting arrangement will help you to economize greatly. The operating costs dwindle to a minimum over a period of time while you play around with your creativity by installing low voltage landscape lights in your garden and yard. Apart from adding to the luster of your garden, your landscape lighting also helps to make your community appear much more attractive. Your property value may show an appreciable increase too, with the entire credit going to your low voltage landscape lightning.

Homeowners’ Tips: Reduce Your Energy Bill this Summer

In Austin, it is very common for summer daytime temps to soar into the 90’s and even the 100’s. And as the temperature rises, so will the cost of cooling a home.

Luckily there is a solution. Be sure to use these homeowners tips to reduce your energy bills this summer.

Reducing Hefty Summer Energy Bills

Set your programmable thermostat to 78. You can cut your cooling bills by 3 to 4 percent for every degree you increase the thermostat temp. Play around with the temperature until you find a comfortable, affordable temp.
Use ceiling fans. People feel cooler when they have a mild breeze blowing across their skin. This lets you keep the A/C at a higher temp.
Change household air filters every month. The A/C needs a clean, constant flow of air to work properly. The filter keeps dust and debris out of the A/C and ductwork.
Keep the curtains closed during the day. A home heating from the
Sun is unavoidable, but you can reduce the Sun’s effects by closing the blinds. Insulated drapes can also do a great job at blocking this incoming heat.
Limit trips in and out. Every time you open the door, you are letting heat into your home.
Use large heat-producing appliances either early in the morning or late in the evening. This helps keep heat from building up inside the house. These appliances include the oven, dishwasher, and dryer.
Add or reinstall attic insulation. If you live in an older home, you may not have enough insulation to keep the cool air inside. Adding insulation can keep your home more comfortable.
Install window film. Insulating window film can reflect UV rays while still allowing you to see outside. This is a DIY project most homeowners can do themselves.
Apply weatherstripping and caulk around windows and doors. If you can see daylight around any of your windows or doors, you need to plug those opening to keep the cool air inside.

These homeowners tips can reduce your A/C bills while adding value to your home. For more ways to improve your home’s value and get it ready for sale, contact us at Good Life Realty.

Outdoor low voltage lighting

Outdoor low voltage lighting- Ideas and Options

The right kind of lighting can make a whole lot of difference- the right outdoor low voltage lighting can change your porch from being a boring spot to a charming and romantic one. It is quite simple to find the right outdoor lighting plans and it is possible for you to put the whole thing together yourself! You will be able to brighten up your porch, deck or any outdoor areas for nighttime use. Since this is low voltage lighting you won’t even be spending too much money on it. Landscape lighting kits are widely available- they come with all the necessary hardware, transformers and fixtures. You would just have to go through the guide and follow the instructions- putting the whole lighting system together would be a piece of cake for you!

What options do you have?

There is a whole world of options when it comes to low voltage outdoor lighting. You will be able to purchase different types of kits depending on the option you choose. Here are the most popular outdoor lighting options that you can choose from:

Entrance lights: Entrance lights suit houses that have walks or driveways within. Entrance lights can be used to provide illumination in driveways- it is utilitarian and highly romantic at the same time. You can use the lighting along the two sides, or the borders, for the soft and romantic effect.

Tier lighting: Tier lighting is the kind of lighting that is used around the border of the porch or the deck in order to provide soft accents and illumination that is very soft. If you have a patio, or a porch in a garden, this is certainly the outdoor low voltage lighting option for you.

Flood lights: There are a lot of people who do prefer using floodlights, even though it appears a little paranoid and over- the- top. Flood lights use really strong beams and we would certainly not recommend this for it would just be a waste of resources and electricity.

Globe lights: Imagine a globe that has light bulbs on all the sides- that is what globe lights look like. The intention is to provide general lighting in a particular area, without increasing the amount of glare.

Mushroom lights: Mushroom lights are rather romantic- they are best used in gardens and along the driveway (if your driveway is sufficiently long). The source of the light is hidden, so the light effect is rather mysterious. It is a really popular kind of outdoor low voltage lighting as well.

Well lighting: Well lighting is when the lighting comes from the ground. The light beams upwards, in order to illuminate or accentuate a particular item. It can be used outside your house to illuminate trees, pillars, the porch or the house in general.

Can you install these yourself?

These are different types of outdoor low voltage lighting. You will be able to get different kits that provide you with information regarding how to install them yourself. In case you are not comfortable with DIY lighting solutions, you can always call for help! Lighting technicians and landscape artists are always here to help you out and make your house look absolutely stunning!

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