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Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor Solar Lights , Stylish,Environmentally-Friendly, Illuminating Your Garden

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outdoor solar lights

utdoor solar lighting can add many different effects to the outside of your home. It can be used to create silhouettes, shadows, down lights or crossing. The silhouette look would be one that you would consider if you wanted to light up a tree or a statue, basically anything that you would want to highlight but the solar lighting would be placed behind the item creating a silhouette.

How To Create The Lighting Effects

Shadowing would be created by placing the solar lights in front of whatever it is that you are looking to accent, such as a garden. Down lights would actually be hung and faced down to create more of a lamp post look and this would be more for security purposes. And crossing would be the effect if you placed solar lights that literally crossed in opposite directions. Solar lights work really well for this type of set up because they are brighter. Outdoor solar lights also work well for lighting up walkways as well as garden accents.

The best thing about this method of illumination is that it costs nothing but your initial investment. The solar panels are powered from the sun in the day and automatically lit up at dark. They work from the energy that they absorb from the sun. They are low maintenance, they cost nothing to run, and you do not have to worry about turning them on or off.

Caring For The Environment

As the world is going green, these solar lights lead you right into that direction by being truly environmentally friendly. Solar lighting looks great when incorporated into any garden or landscape. They are so easy to install that you could literally let your child do it. You buy these lights in sets or pairs – simply decide how many that you will need and just stick them in the ground like a tent stake.

There are other types of outdoor solar lights too. There are solar powered post lights that are also powered by solar energy and are connected to a post. There are also solar powered lamp posts, solar post lighting, and solar spot lights which are usually used for security measures.

Limitless Power From The Sun

If you are still unsure then consider this environmental fact, every hour the sun radiates enough solar power to supply the world’s population with the same amount of energy that it is currently using in an entire year. That’s pretty amazing! So the lighting system collects and stores energy from the sunlight during the daytime, thus recharging the lithium batteries that run it.

You will notice with solar lighting that if you have a couple extremely cloudy days that the outdoor solar lights will be a bit dimmer but after a nice sunny day they will perk up like just watered flowers. Outdoor solar lighting is safe, environmentally friendly and even stays on during power outages. There are also garden and patio lights that are available using solar power. These lights can be easily moved with virtually no effort and will stick around forever and will do so with absolutely zero maintenance.

solar lights outdoor

The problem with adding a bit of accent lighting to your backyard is that the job normally comes with annoying wiring and complicated timing systems. However, don’t give up on your outdoor lighting ambitions before experiencing the convenience and simple set up of solar lighting fixtures.

With no cables or wiring to worry about and uncomplicated dusk-to-dawn operation, outdoor solar lighting is your best bet for having a well-lit but hassle free yard. While in the past you may have had some experience with solar lighting that is dull and inconsistent, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a much more efficient and brighter line of products on the market today. Here are a few top notch examples to get your own ideas flowing.

Solar Glow in Dark Spinning Earth Garden Lights

When most people think of outdoor solar lighting, they imagine the classic black top-hat style path markers that inevitably get lost in a sea of vegetation. These beautiful updates of that classic mainstay let you inject your garden or walkway with a bit of color, art and light just where you need it.

These eye catching lights are powered by super bright LED bulbs that are covered by round glass covers that are modeled after the spinning earth. Each light in the set of three is perched at the end of a 19 inch stake and comes with a generous 10-foot cable to connect to a separate charging station, which allows you to install the lights even in a shady area of the lawn or garden.

Solar Hanging Plant Light

More and more innovative uses for solar lighting outside the home are being exploited every day, which means you have more options for brightening up your garden than ever. This clever solar hanging plant light sheds a dramatic net of bright light over any of your favorite hanging blossoms for up to 8 hours.

This creatively designed unit features hanging loops at the top and bottom so that it can be incorporated seamlessly onto any hanging basket. The underside has six bright LED bulbs that operate from dusk until dawn while the top half collects the sun’s rays throughout the day. Add an extra classy touch of style to your garden with this simple yet effective solar hanging plant light.

Large Solar Rock Spotlight

Ever more powerful solar panels and ultra efficient LED lights mean outdoor solar lighting is more powerful and versatile than ever before. Far from the boring path markers of the past, these large solar rock spotlights are capable of bathing shrubs, trees, statues and more in a brilliant, incandescent-like glow every night.

With no cables to worry about, these rocks are constructed from molded poly resin and come in a variety of colors to blend into any garden’s dcor during the day. The unit measures 8X5X6 inches and comes with its own rechargeable batteries. Combine this practical yard accent with several more for a dramatic and elegant look from dusk until dawn.

Solar Lighted Step Stone

While solar lights may have done a great job at marking the edges of pathways in the past, now you can light up the pathway itself with these amazing solar lighted step stones. Built of durable poly-resin and measuring 13 inches square, these innovative stepping stones automatically light up with a warm glow from dusk until dawn.

The perfectly elegant and safety minded solution for pool side or front walkway lighting, these lights feature a true stone-like veneer and are UV protected so they’ll stand up for years of usage. Each individual stone features a 12 hour battery so that your pathways will stay safe and well lit all night long.

Slim Solar Powered Stair Lights

With the idea of safety in mind, consider guiding the footsteps of guests through your garden with a set of these slim solar powered stair lights. Measuring only 1 inch thick and 15.5 inches long, these super bright marker lights can be installed around existing path stones and bricks as a lining but are perfectly suited for tucking into the corners of stairways.

These useful lights don’t require any wiring or special installation but come with optional stakes for mounting in the garden. Each unit’s bright LEDs burn brightly through the night while the built in solar panel collects the sun’s rays throughout the day.
From lighting backyard cookouts and garden parties, to providing a dramatic glow in your yard or garden, outdoor solar lighting is a versatile and attractive option for beautifying your home. In the winter, solar lights can help decorate for the holidays or shed a spotlight on an exceptional snowman. Whatever you use your outdoor solar lights for, you’ll find that they offer the simplest and most effective means for brightening up your yard.

solar outdoor lighting

Illuminating your garden could be one of the best things that could make it attractive and pleasing to the eyes, especially if you use outdoor solar lights. Outdoor solar lights have become very popular especially to those people who are meticulous with the look of their garden or patio. There are a lot of benefits that you can gain from outdoor solar lights. We have a lot of gardeners or those people who love to decorate their homes have embraced the beauty and use of solar lights. There are actually a lot of solar lights available at the market that you can choose from.

Choosing the right style and design of these lights could be difficult because you need to choose something that would look good on your garden or patio. That’s why before you buy try to visualize first how you want your garden to look like. It is best to plan ahead before you buy the things that you need for your garden. Then, do some canvass and check what’s available for you to have. After that, you could have them decide which of those lights you want to place on your garden. There are so many things that you can benefit from outdoor solar lights one of those is you can save electricity. Your garden will be well lighted during the night even with out the use electricity because solar materials get their energy from the sun. There is a system installed in that solar items that get energy from sun and converts it as electricity. Make sure that you place these solar lights where they could be exposed from the sun so they could fully charge or get enough energy that could sustain the lights that you need for your garden.

Just like other things, these lights also require maintenance. You need to check it as often as you can so you could fix whatever problem you found right away. Don’t ignore the manual that comes along with it because the manual could tell you the things that you need to do in case you encounter problems with your solar lights. Manuals contain instructions, directions, and little or trouble shooting ideas that you may need for minor problems. Now, with the lights properly installed, you can be sure that it will work perfectly and shine in the night. Even the visitors will astonish at your beautiful garden.

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