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Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar Outdoor Light,Four Types of Outdoor Solar Lights

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Four Types of Outdoor Solar Lights

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As technology continues to improve the quality of solar cells and LED bulbs, solar landscape lights are quickly reaching parity with their electric and low voltage counterparts. A high quality solar lamp with a low-energy LED bulb can provide light for eight or more hours per charge at strengths that approach electric lights.

If you are planning your garden and are considering the type of lights to use, you should give serious consideration to solar lighting as you think about how your landscape will be lit up at night. Here are fourdifferent kinds of solar lights you can use:

1) Path Lights. These are the tried and true small lights that line a dark pathway. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. Many come with a dusk-to-dawn sensor so that they know when to light up appropriately. Besides the familiar path lights there are all kinds of decorative lights and hanging lanterns of varying heights that fit more or less the same general purpose.

2) Solar Post Lights. These are much bigger, more elegant lights that come attached to a lamp post that looks like a 19th century gaslight. The post itself may be made of aluminum or some other material that is rust resistant and can be bolted to the ground. The lamps operate under the same principle as other types of outdoor solar lights. However, because of the additional space available, a good lamp will feature multiple bulbs per fixture and may also employ the use of reflectors to increase the available lighting even more. As you can imagine, this kind of solar lighting is not at all cheap, but could look fantastic in the right place in your garden.

Solar Powered Landscape Lights

3) Solar Spot Lights. This category of lights are those that require a more intense, concentrated light. One use is to highlight a particular feature in your garden such as a fountain, sculpture or specimen tree. Another possibility is for security lighting, to light up a dark spot that might otherwise allow a burglar to lurk. The strength of the light will depend on what it’s used for. A spot light for a garden feature might feature three or so LED bulbs in a fixture. A security light could have 80 or more tiny LED bulbs that together make for the harsh, overpowering light you would require in such situations. Solar security lights are available with motion sensors, making them the perfect tool for catching anyone who isn’t where they should be.

4) Specialty Lights. Finally, this catch all category includes many possible solar lighting applications. They include all manner of decorative lights, tiny stepping stone lights, water feature and pond lights, and more. You’re limited only by your imagination. The purpose of these lights is mostly to make your garden look pretty, but are not as useful as some of the other lighting types in providing general lighting.

Whatever the lighting needs of your garden may be, you can find an answer with a high-quality solar landscape light. Not only will they beautify your garden, but you can rest assured that you are using the most eco friendly, energy efficient lighting option possible while meeting your every landscape lighting need.


Outdoor Solar Lighting: Stylish And Environmentally-Friendly


Outdoor solar lighting can add many different effects to the outside of your home. It can be used to create silhouettes, shadows, down lights or crossing. The silhouette look would be one that you would consider if you wanted to light up a tree or a statue, basically anything that you would want to highlight but the solar lighting would be placed behind the item creating a silhouette.

How To Create The Lighting Effects

Shadowing would be created by placing the solar lights in front of whatever it is that you are looking to accent, such as a garden. Down lights would actually be hung and faced down to create more of a lamp post look and this would be more for security purposes. And crossing would be the effect if you placed solar lights that literally crossed in opposite directions. Solar lights work really well for this type of set up because they are brighter. Outdoor solar lights also work well for lighting up walkways as well as garden accents.

The best thing about this method of illumination is that it costs nothing but your initial investment. The solar panels are powered from the sun in the day and automatically lit up at dark. They work from the energy that they absorb from the sun. They are low maintenance, they cost nothing to run, and you do not have to worry about turning them on or off.

Caring For The Environment

As the world is going green, these solar lights lead you right into that direction by being truly environmentally friendly. Solar lighting looks great when incorporated into any garden or landscape. They are so easy to install that you could literally let your child do it. You buy these lights in sets or pairs – simply decide how many that you will need and just stick them in the ground like a tent stake.

There are other types of outdoor solar lights too. There are solar powered post lights that are also powered by solar energy and are connected to a post. There are also solar powered lamp posts, solar post lighting, and solar spot lights which are usually used for security measures.

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