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Patio outdoor lighting,Different patio lighting options

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Patio outdoor lighting

There are a number of options available. Most amazingly, they are affordable, however, can be arranged in such a manner that your garden looks luxurious and splendid. The endless variety of such magnificent lamps and light comes as handy when you think about decorating your backyard, deck, patio, poolside, or any other outdoor living area.

Patio lights

They are the most renowned outdoor light arrangements. Patio lights can be placed on tables or hang from a hook. One can arrange them according to their requirements and taste. There is solar option for patio lights. If you wish to have inexpensive outdoor lighting arrangements, you can opt for the solar patio lights which do not annoy you with wires and plugs. You can get them in many different colors which give vibrancy to your garden.

Patio lanterns

They are great option for a summer outdoor gathering. These lights function as a great addition to any patio, decks, or backyard decoration. They give a gracious look to the outdoor party arrangements. You can create a personal and unique look to your decoration by using these elegant pieces of outdoor lighting. They provide great style as well as appropriate functionality. Most of them are portable and has weatherproof options. These lantern style planter lamps feature powder coated aluminum construction with resin bases. Most of these patio lanterns have two level dimming switches.

Patio umbrella lights

They are most alluring lighting arrangement. They light up the area under the umbrella and allow your guests to enjoy the outdoor party once it gets dark. You can get them in different variety such as lamp types and string types. String type patio umbrella lights can be quite decorative as you can fix them to the ribs of the umbrella or can tie them on the side or pole of the umbrella. The lamp type patio umbrella lights can be fixed on the poles of umbrella. It gives the ultimate brightness to the patio. The oriental type designs look fabulous in your outdoor garden party.

Patio table and floor lamps

They are one of the marvelous options for outdoor lighting arrangement. You can use these table lamps and floor lamps very conveniently around your patio, deck or other outdoor living spaces. They are weatherproof lamps and give a great functional solution for your lighting arrangement. These lamps come in many different shades which never fail to gel with your garden party arrangements. However, make sure that you get the superior quality patio table and floor lamps which can be used for a long time.

Patio Lights Ideas Powered By A 12V Transformer

Here’s an idea for your new patio lights: Power them from a 12v transformer. Let me explain what I mean.

It is becoming increasingly popular to have more and more outdoor light around your home. It adds to the atmosphere at night, as well as increasing safety from burglars and safety of orientation. At the same time, we keep hearing about how we are supposed to spend less energy in our daily lives, and energy prices are going up to prove the point. How can we get both? With low voltage lighting.

Many light-sources for low voltage lighting use a lot less power than one that runs on mains voltage. This is sometimes because they also emit a lot less light than something like a incandescent bulb, but sometimes they get close to even that amount of light – halogen bulbs are a good example of that. In some cases, a lot of light power is not actually needed, in which case LED lighting can often be used to great effect. Indicator lights along your garden path are a good example – they help with orientation, while at the same time looking good and accenting the style of your home. They could also be put to good use on your patio, as secondary light-sources providing atmosphere and accenting a wall or a pillar. Some high-power LED arrays do exist, and these could be used for main light-sources. This would be above a dining table for instance. Halogen could be used here also, and would probably be cheaper for the amount of light produced.

But why use a 12v transformer to power this? Because many light-sources are made to be driven by 12 volts coming either from solar panels or transformers. It is probably the most flexible voltage to choose for low voltage lighting.


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Tips on How to Use Outdoor Patio Lights For Special Effects on Your Patio

There is undoubtedly nothing better than to sit back and delight in a barbeque or a social gathering on your own patio with friends & family. Have you thought about all of the courtyard lighting products which are available to bring about the best atmosphere and emphasize special locations. Patio lights can offer a lot more than just illuminating a zone. They can alter the character of your veranda.

Possibly two of the most common reasons for fitting veranda lighting is security and also basic safety. In some areas this is an extremely important reason to put in patio lighting. When you install deck lights for security, ensure they’re correctly located to light regions of concern e.g. paths and stairs.

Veranda lighting can also be useful to highlight particular regions in your yard or on your patio to make them unique. Spot lights can be used to illuminate specific features such as trees and shrubs or statues. Sometimes using colored lights can bring that additional bit of interest to these areas and cause them to become real talking points. As an example soft green lighting directed onto leaves really can be dramatic.

One of the most popular use for patio lighting is when having a get together to provide that party environment. Colored lighting is strung up within the vicinity and will really perk up an area and provide a carnival atmosphere. However it’s also possible to make use of these outdoor party lights to produce various moods. If you’re having a romantic dinner party on the outdoor patio you may not want dazzling colored lighting. Simply by changing to globes of different colours you are able to create any ambiance you desire. Say you are having the perfect dinner party, why not use subdued colors like blue to produce a zen-like impact which stimulates conversation. When you’re using a dance floor highly colorful patio lights are the most effective around that area while round the eating area far more subdued lighting can be used. You can easily mix and match in different areas. The colours of the deck lighting can also be used to depict different themes. For instance why not use red, white and blue lights for the 4th of July party. Red and white lighting can be used at Christmas.

In cases where there are parts you need to rope off why don’t you try rope lights. They are able to not only act as a barrier but can also be helpful to emphasize ponds and garden beds. These rope lights can also be useful to line paths and thus are extremely flexible in addition to being good looking. Once more, by varying the colors of the globes you can also alter the ambiance of these areas.

In these days of being environmentally conscious we can access outdoor patio lighting that use way less electrical power as compared to traditional globes. Solar deck and garden lighting are readily obtainable and within the last couple of years have turned out to be very reasonably priced. Reduced voltage lights are also available. These are typically 12v and are connected to your home power by way of a transformer. Both reduced voltage and photo voltaic lighting are available in various styles.

When considering your deck lighting it is important to be aware of specifically what you want them to accomplish and then research the alternatives available. That way you are going to be sure to get the most versatile and economical lights that will provide you with many years of enjoyment.

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