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Solar Landscape Lighting

Battery powered LED lights

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  • Aluminum Step Lights - STA04
    Aluminum Step Lights - STA04

    Low Voltage Landscape Ste Lights with Louvered face plate available with LED or Halo...

  • Aluminum  Step Lights - STA03
    Aluminum Step Lights - STA03

    Outdoor Landscape Step Lights with flate face plate available with LED or Halogen G4...

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    Aluminum Step Lights - STA02

    Die-Casting Aluminum Recessed Step Lights Offer general area illumination out of a recessed wall fixture with LED & Halogen G4 Lamps

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    Aluminum Step Lights - STA01

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    Brass Step Lights - STB04

    Exterinal Lighting fixture recessed wall ofen used for walkways nest to stone walls | Low Voltage outdoor Lighting

  • Brass Step Lights - STB03
    Brass Step Lights - STB03

    Heavy weight Low Voltage Brass Step Lights available with LED and Halogen G4 for walkways next to stone walls, Outdoor Lighting fixture in the wall

  • Brass Step Lights - STB02
    Brass Step Lights - STB02

    Solid Brass Step Lights available with LED and Halogen G4 for general area illumination out of a recessed wall fixture| Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

  • Brass Step Lights - STB01
    Brass Step Lights - STB01

    Brass Step Lights offer general area illumination out of a recessed wall fixture O...

Popularity of Battery Powered LED Lights
Battery powered LED lights are gaining massive popularity among people these days because of the benefits they offer and their versatility. The best part about these LED lights is that they are way more energy efficient than the traditional lights. Moreover, these are durable and can last for more than a decade. Most of the battery powered LED lights do not heat up quickly, but at the same time produce excellent bright light for enhanced visibility. These LED lights have become the number one choice among people who are looking to cut down their electricity consumption by significant margins. These are easily available from electronic retail stores as well as some of the popular online retail stores.
Advantage of battery power
The battery powered LED lights are extremely convenient for people who face power shortage at their homes or offices. Since, these lights are battery powered, there is no requirement of any electricity outlet to turn them on. These are available in portable versions that can be carried anywhere with ease. Most of the household have these LED lights as these are viable options and can be used in emergency situations.
Outdoor use
The biggest advantage that battery powered LED lights have is that they can be easily installed outdoors. These lights are suitable to use in the car, garage space, yards and even at backyard sheds. Moreover, these lights can be used to line the outdoor pathways as well as illuminate the patio or deck. Many people use these LED lights to brighten up the outdoor steps. These lights are highly durable and are ideal for rough usage, so they can be installed outdoors without any problems. Most of the households are now shifting to LED lights for outdoor beautification rather than choosing the same old traditional electric bulbs and lamp shades.
Battery powered LED flashlights are also quite beneficial and these are used in cars because they last long and are extremely energy efficient than flashlights that are of older versions. These lights are specifically meant of emergency use, but it is always better to check the battery before using the same.

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Indoor use
Battery powered LED lights are ideal for spaces at home that are not wired nor have power points, but need proper visibility. Most of the areas where one can use these LED lights are under cabinet space, under stair storage, closet, dark indoor stairways or stairway lighting. Some of these lights even have motion sensors, which mean that they will only turn on if required. This means more battery power saving for long lasting results. Moreover, motion sensor LED lights do not require a switch to turn on or off.
Styles available
Battery powered LED lights are available in wide array of styles such as puck lights, flashlights, night lights, rope or string lights. The string or rope lights can be used for beach parties or weddings. People can also use these lights to decorate their gardens or outdoor lawn areas. These lights are highly durable, energy efficient and at the same time quite affordable.

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