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Solar Landscape Lighting

Outdoor low voltage lighting

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    Aluminum Step Lights - STA04

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    Aluminum Step Lights - STA03

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    Brass Step Lights - STB03

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  • Brass Step Lights - STB02
    Brass Step Lights - STB02

    Solid Brass Step Lights available with LED and Halogen G4 for general area illumination out of a recessed wall fixture| Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

  • Brass Step Lights - STB01
    Brass Step Lights - STB01

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Outdoor low voltage lighting- Ideas and Options

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The right kind of lighting can make a whole lot of difference- the right outdoor low voltage lighting can change your porch from being a boring spot to a charming and romantic one. It is quite simple to find the right outdoor lighting plans and it is possible for you to put the whole thing together yourself! You will be able to brighten up your porch, deck or any outdoor areas for nighttime use. Since this is low voltage lighting you won’t even be spending too much money on it. Landscape lighting kits are widely available- they come with all the necessary hardware, transformers and fixtures. You would just have to go through the guide and follow the instructions- putting the whole lighting system together would be a piece of cake for you!

 What options do you have?

There is a whole world of options when it comes to low voltage outdoor lighting. You will be able to purchase different types of kits depending on the option you choose. Here are the most popular outdoor lighting options that you can choose from:

 Entrance lights: Entrance lights suit houses that have walks or driveways within. Entrance lights can be used to provide illumination in driveways- it is utilitarian and highly romantic at the same time. You can use the lighting along the two sides, or the borders, for the soft and romantic effect.

Tier lighting: Tier lighting is the kind of lighting that is used around the border of the porch or the deck in order to provide soft accents and illumination that is very soft. If you have a patio, or a porch in a garden, this is certainly the outdoor low voltage lighting option for you.

Flood lights: There are a lot of people who do prefer using floodlights, even though it appears a little paranoid and over- the- top. Flood lights use really strong beams and we would certainly not recommend this for it would just be a waste of resources and electricity.

Globe lights: Imagine a globe that has light bulbs on all the sides- that is what globe lights look like. The intention is to provide general lighting in a particular area, without increasing the amount of glare.

Mushroom lights: Mushroom lights are rather romantic- they are best used in gardens and along the driveway (if your driveway is sufficiently long). The source of the light is hidden, so the light effect is rather mysterious. It is a really popular kind of outdoor low voltage lighting as well.

Well lighting: Well lighting is when the lighting comes from the ground. The light beams upwards, in order to illuminate or accentuate a particular item. It can be used outside your house to illuminate trees, pillars, the porch or the house in general.

Can you install these yourself?

These are different types of outdoor low voltage lighting. You will be able to get different kits that provide you with information regarding how to install them yourself. In case you are not comfortable with DIY lighting solutions, you can always call for help! Lighting technicians and landscape artists are always here to help you out and make your house look absolutely stunning!

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